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ROKA scores a 9.2 out of 10

Total reviews: 1172

JANUARY 24, 2022
Joost Keemink about ROKA:
I am very positive about Roka! Even though the experience is not as you hope during this Corona phase, it was well picked up in the store. I was now only allowed to bring 1 person. Very helpful in the store. They took all their time, time and again changing and fitting again‚ nothing was a problem. No pushy sales pitches, nothing is imposed. On to the measurement moment in a while and also with full confidence in that. Another bump in the road towards the wedding.
FEBRUARY 14, 2022
Golfschool Beemster about ROKA:
Picked out my wedding suit at Roka today. Very helpful. They have a very wide choice. They have everything to style you completely. I just have to choose my boxer shorts. Super thanks!
MARCH 21, 2022
Ralph Mesman about ROKA:
I have been very well helped. The first suit was immediately the wedding suit of my choice. Good and expert ideas are taken to arrive at a nice combination. All in all, I can definitely recommend Roka.
MARCH 13, 2022
Richard van de Ven about ROKA:
We went to to look for a wedding suit. The welcome was very friendly and very casual. 1 on 1 advice, guidance and they take all the time for you. The choice is huge, but by listening and looking carefully, they already make a large pre-selection so that you can focus on your suit and fit. Roka is definitely recommended if you are looking for a nice suit and they have a choice for the most diverse occasion.
APRIL 30, 2022
Dennis Swiers (#dennismaaktdingenmee) about ROKA:
Very nice help today and passed my wedding suit! Saleswoman took all the time to try on different suits! Lots of patience and very hospitable. The glass with bubbles topped it off! Highly recommended for your wedding suit!
MAY 22, 2022
Marian about ROKA:
Wide selection and honest advice. Pleasant atmosphere, you don’t feel like a number. Their service, we know from experience, goes very far. Last minute we had a big problem. Roka was not responsible for this, but thought very generously. Thank you so much Annemiek! Roka, a must!
APRIL 14, 2022
Burgina de Gelder about ROKA:
We were very well helped by Saskia with choosing a wedding suit for one of our sons. Saskia thought along very well and made sure that the bride-to-be looked beautiful. Everyone left with a good feeling.
MAY 29, 2022
Sven Damsma about ROKA:
Beautiful wedding suit + accessories selected! Large assortment. Thanks to the good service and advice I was ready within an hour! Finally, toast with prosecco!
FEBRUARY 21, 2022
Marco Lambo about ROKA:
Very helpful. Great advice. As soon as she saw my fiancé’s dress, she knew immediately what kind of chilet should be included and what the color should be. I passed there too!!
APRIL 22, 2022
Anneke Smit about ROKA:
Very helpful in an emergency. Compassionate, thoughtful, expert and cooperative. Beautiful quality clothing. Really great! Big 10! Thank you!
APRIL 20, 2022
Hugo Van de Koppel about ROKA:
Very good, knowledgeable and quick help. Bought a suitable suit, shoes, belt, shirt, shirts, socks and cufflinks for both of us. On to the big day.
MAY 28, 2022
Lukas van Wijk about ROKA:
Very helpful in a relaxed atmosphere. Without being sent in a certain direction, we are provided with good advice.
MAY 11, 2022
Karina Bekker about ROKA:
A nice place with a lot of choice! Very friendly staff!! We passed and we are very satisfied !!
MARCH 5, 2022
Evert de Ronde about ROKA:
Fine Business. Really very helpful and thoughtful. Also a cozy atmosphere which is decisive to give 5 stars in this one. Highly recommended!
MARCH 5, 2022
Gert-Jan Stolker about ROKA:
Very nice help, by a friendly and knowledgeable seller. Really happy with my choice!
APRIL 8, 2022
Xandra Rosseboom about ROKA:
After a disillusionment elsewhere, we received super nice help here and passed excellently with all the trimmings. Ready for the big day!
FEBRUARY 5, 2022
Jolanda Huijsmans about ROKA:
If only we had gone here right away! Found a beautiful wedding suit, with pleasant and professional advice.
AUGUST 15, 2021
Gewoon Daan about ROKA:
Coming back from vacation I had between 1 and 3 to find a suit, including everything, for a wedding that afternoon. It was time for a nice purchase, but let’s see how successful it is in such a short time. The first suit I was handed was already very nice and comfortable within the budget, but it didn’t really suit my nature. After a few comments, the lady in the shop was able to sort out exactly what suited me, including shoes and belt. In the end I paid the top price, but very happy with my purchase. The help with sorting was excellent. Patient, but aware of the time pressure. I have felt very comfortable doubting and thinking and trying to express my preference. If you’re reading this: We managed to come across as dry at the wedding!
MARCH 14, 2022
Wilma de Vries about ROKA:
Very helpful in selecting a wedding suit for my son. Nice experience.
APRIL 8, 2022
Steef Rosseboom about ROKA:
Super helpful by people who know what they are talking about and definitely recommended.
MAY 21, 2022
Roel Van Schie about ROKA:
Good service and a lot of choice, I found my suit!
FEBRUARY 26, 2019
Mike Woestijne about ROKA:
My experience at Roka was great. Skillfully assisted by the employees about my wishes, I didn’t want to be able to apply in my wedding suit afterwards and wanted something special. And to round off the success of my purchase, a glass of prosecco.
APRIL 15, 2022
rolando podda about ROKA:
Great help, very happy. 5 stars for ROKA!
OCTOBER 18, 2021
Samantha Boud about ROKA:
Last weekend I was in ROKA to choose a wedding suit. I was together with my future and in-laws and was welcomed with a cup of coffee and tea. Nice staff who listen carefully to the wishes and who also offer other options. Partly because of that from light blue that I had in my head for months to champagne-colored suit. Super cool. Everything was measured very skillfully and the intake was not charged separately. What a service. If you are looking for a wedding suit and find a tailor-made suit just a bit too expensive, look no further and make an appointment üôÇ Thank you ROKA