Read the most frequently asked questions about buying a wedding suit.

What are the costs of a wedding suit or tailor-made suit for the man? You are about to get married and you are curious about the prices of wedding suits and tailor-made suits. You may have more questions. We have listed the answers to the most frequently asked questions about buying a wedding suit or a tailor-made suit for you here.


Waar moet je rekening mee houden bij het kopen van een trouwpak of maatpak voor de man. En wat zijn die kosten van een trouwpak of maatpak? De antwoorden op de meest gestelde vragen hebben we hier voor je op een rijtje gezet.

What does a wedding suit cost?

The price of a wedding suit depends on how the suit is made and the fabric and materials used, such as buttons, lining, interior, etc. You can buy a good wedding suit from €799 and prices go up to a maximum of €2000 for the premium luxury suits.

What does a tailor-made suit cost?

What does a tailor-made suit cost? The price of a good tailor-made suit starts at approximately €999 and the prices go up to a maximum of €2500 for the premium luxury tailor-made suits. The costs of a tailor-made suit depend on how the tailor-made suit is made, the fabric used and materials such as buttons, lining, interior etc.

Can I wear my suit after the wedding to a party or to work?

Absolutely! Most of the suits from the ROKA collection are suits that you also want to wear after your wedding day. If you combine the suit in a different way in terms of shirt, tie and shoes, you will be perfectly dressed for other occasions!

How long before the wedding should I go and look for my wedding suit or tailor-made suit?

It is wise to come two to nine months before your wedding. If you want to tailor your choice to your girlfriend, come as soon as the dress is selected. You are also very welcome if you want to visit us closer to the wedding. Because we have an extensive collection of more than 2000 suits in stock per store in a wide price range, you always succeed! In order to orientate yourself properly, we advise you to make an appointment first. This way you are assured that you will also receive good advice when trying on.

Do you also have clothes for wedding guests?

Yes, of course! ROKA has a very nice collection of suits for the male wedding guests. We can also advise you and make suggestions for themes. For example, it can be nice if important guests at your wedding are attuned to each other in terms of clothing. Tailor-made suits for wedding guests are also available at ROKA

Does ROKA also sell tailor-made suits?

ROKA sells tailor-made suits from different workshops. The choice and possibilities are virtually unlimited. A tailor-made suit can be ordered in 2 or 3 pieces. Take into account a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks. For the groom, however, we advise not to leave anything to chance and not to take any risks in terms of ordering process. Our tailors will tailor the suit that you choose at ROKA for free*. This way you can see exactly what you are buying and how it looks on you. (* Free entertainment is valid for lengthening or shortening trousers, shortening or lengthening blazer sleeves. Customizing charges apply).

What does the lowest price guarantee mean?

If you see the same suit that you bought from us cheaper in another store within two weeks of the purchase date, we will refund the price difference. That other suit must of course be of the same brand and undamaged. Size, article and color number must match. We must be able to verify the price.

What color suit suits me?

The color that suits you best depends, among other things, on the color of your eyes, hair and skin. Therefore, this question cannot be answered here. You really have to be in one of our stores for that. Our people can give you advice about this if you wish. Your partner’s choice of clothing also plays a role in this.

I’m getting married in 6 weeks. Does ROKA have a lot of suits in stock?

ROKA has a particularly large stock of ready-to-wear suits in stock in all branches. There is always a suit for you. You immediately see what you are buying, you feel how it fits and if you have chosen the suit that will make you stand out on your wedding day, then it is immediately your suit! And if adjustments are necessary, our tailors do this in our own workshop.

I already have a wedding suit, do you also sell individual accessories with a wedding suit?

Of course you are welcome for loose accessories, we are a specialty store for the groom. This means that in addition to the suits, we also sell individual accessories. We have an extensive collection of chabots, ties, waistcoats, shoes with a matching belt, underwear, cufflinks and much more. We advise you to come to one of our branches during the week without an appointment.

Do I always have to make an appointment for my wedding suit or can I also come by without an appointment?

You are always welcome at ROKA. At certain times and on weekends it can be very busy and an appointment is highly recommended. Making an appointment is easy. You can do this via our website, but we are also happy to speak to you by telephone. Without charge! If you prefer to take a look without an appointment, we advise you to do so on a weekday. The weekends (especially Saturday is very busy)