Payment options

You can pay for your order at ROKA easily, quickly and securely with iDeal and with your credit card. If you have placed an order in the shopping cart and want to pay, you can select a payment method:


  • Choose your bank. You will now be forwarded to your own internet banker, where the payment is ready.
  • Fill in the missing details and make the payment
  • Approve the payment
  • You will receive a confirmation from your bank
  • Your order and payment have been successful

Creditcard Visacard

  • Enter the credit card or VisaCard number
  • Enter the expiration date
  • Enter the three-digit security code on the back of the credit card (CVC code)

Nearly all Dutch sites and more and more foreign sites then ask for your MasterCard® SecureCode™ or your 3D secure codeVerified by Visa. This makes paying on the internet just as safe, simple and easy as paying in the store with your credit card.


Depending on your bank, you create a password yourself before or during shopping or you receive your code via your bank’s own identification method. During the normal checkout process, you will then be asked to enter your SecureCode or, if you have not already done so, to activate it first.

Every time you use the MasterCard SecureCode, it is first checked with MasterCard or your bank.


For more information about how 3D secure code Verified by Visa works for your Visa credit card, please visit the website of your bank or card issuer. Here you will find information on how to generate your Verified by Visa code.